St Basil the Great Orthodox Church
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St Basil the Great
St Basil the Great
St Basil the Great

Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Church is a parish of the Diocese of Charleston, Oakland, and the Mid-Atlantic, with in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America and The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, where the disciples were first called Christians (Acts11:26).

One day some of John the Baptist’s disciples saw and heard Christ. They asked Jesus where He was staying. Christ answered them and said, “‘Come and see.’ They came and saw where He was staying, and remained with Him that day.” (John 1:35-39). As a living icon of the Kingdom of Heaven our worship services are in the true Orthodox tradition marked by sobriety, reverence, and joy. We invite you to our parish. “Come and see” where Christ is truly in our midst.

We are a communion of Orthodox Christians in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our congregation benefits from being multicultural and multi-ethnic. All services are in English and done with dedicated chanters and a choir that encourages participation by the whole congregation.

We strive to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development and to offer opportunities for social interaction beyond the times of worship. St. Basil’s cares about its members and embraces newcomers from all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Welcome!



Who we are

We are the Church of God; the fullness of the faith.  As such, we are dedicated to the worship of God and are educated in the faith.  Our parish manifests the beauty of that faith and invites the community to come and see the glory of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Our parish ...

    • conducts all services in English.
    • conducts services in the true Orthodox tradition, marked by sobriety and reverence.
    • provides opportunities for spiritual growth and development.
    • provides opportunities for social interaction beyond the times of worship.
    • conducts Sunday School.
    • has a dedicated choir that encourages participation by the whole congregation.
    • clearly cares about its members.
    • is welcoming to newcomers and military.
    • is actively involved in community outreach.

St Basil the Great

St. Basil the Great was born at Caesarea of Cappadocia in 330. He was one of ten children of St. Basil the Elder and St. Emmelia. Several of his brothers and sisters are honored among the saints. He attended school in Caesarea, as well as Constantinople and Athens, where he became acquainted with St. Gregory Nazianzen in 352. A little later, he opened a school of oratory in Caesarea and practiced law. Eventually he decided to become a monk and found a monastery in Pontus which he directed for five years. He wrote a famous monastic rule which has proved the most lasting of those in the East. After founding several other monasteries, he was ordained and, in 370, made bishop of Caesaria. In this post until his death in 379, he continued to be a man of vast learning and constant activity, genuine eloquence and immense charity. This earned for him the title of "Great" during his life and Doctor of the Church after his death.

St. Basil was one of the giants of the early Church. He was responsible for the victory of Nicene orthodoxy over Arianism in the Byzantine East, and the denunciation of Arianism at the Council of Constantinople in 381-82 was in large measure due to his efforts. St. Basil fought simony, aided the victims of drought and famine, strove for a better clergy, insisted on a rigid clerical discipline, fearlessly denounced evil wherever he detected it, and excommunicated those involved in the widespread prostitution traffic in Cappadocia. He was learned, accomplished in statesmanship, a man of great personal holiness, and one of the great orators of Christianity.

We celebrate his Feastday on 1 January.

St Basil the Great Icon

Our beautiful icon of St. Basil the Great was written by Igor Mitasov of Moscow, Russia. He painted the icon during the Nativity fast of 2001, finishing in January 2002. Mr. Mitasov has generously donated the icon to St Basil the Great Orthodox Church in Poquoson. He used well-prepared solid hardwood board for this icon to help preserve it from damage. In 2007 an actual relic of St. Basil the Great was donated to the Mission by the Russian Cathedral in Washington, DC and embedded in the foot of the Icon for the Faithful to venerate

Mr. Igor Mitasov is a graduate of the College of Architecture in Moscow. He has devoted his talent and art to God for many years.