St Basil the Great Orthodox Church
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Ministry Groups

Education -

The Education ministry is meant to help server the parish's educational needs.  Pilgrimages, retreats, children's Vacation Church School, classes, etc. are just some of the many ways in which  we can educate ourselves in the faith.  Perhaps you have additional ideas for the educational needs of the parish.  Please speak to Chris Mertens (Adult Education), and Anna Mary Vogt (Sunday School) about how you can help!  Or email for more information.

Mission and Outreach -

This ministry will serve by helping to make Orthodoxy known to the community at large.  It will also help to meet the needs of those suffering, and in need of God's love.  Activities of community involvement, evangelism, and making our parish more recognizable to the public are just some of the ways this ministry will aid the life of St. Basil.  See James Crawford to get involved!  Or email for more information.

Music -

Almost every word of every Orthodox Church service is sung or chanted, hence, leading the people in song, in prayer, becomes an indispensable ministry of the Church. Singers even are mentioned in the Great Litany chanted in the Divine Liturgy. We pray for "...those who serve and those who sing".

We sing because of the ability of music to go where the mere spoken word cannot. The spoken word communicates cognitive ideas to the rational mind, but music takes the same  words through the mind and continues deep into our  heart and soul. There the hymns and prayers of the Church touch the inner core of a person, nourishing his or her passion to know God.

At St. Basil the Great, the congregation is encouraged to sing along on the responses and other hymns, if they know them. The mixed choir currently sings for all Sunday Liturgies, Feast Days, Vesperal Liturgies for feast days, and many of the services of Holy Week and Pascha.  Rehearsals take place on Sunday mornings and once a month on Wednesday nights.  We also have a growing group of chanters, led by Stefany Morin, who chant at Saturday Great Vespers, Sunday morning Matins, and other special weekday prayer services.

Choir members are expected to attend the services and rehearsals and to take their responsibilities as “Music Ministers” in the parish very seriously.  Those who are called to this ministry would:

o    Have some musical background and preferably know how to read music, or be willing to learn;

o    Have a pleasant voice;

o    Be able to match pitch and hold a voice part when singing 4-part music;

o    Be able to commit to attendance of practices and services;

o    Feel a calling from God to participate in this important ministry of the Church.


Anyone interested in joining the choir is asked to discuss it with Choir Director, Chuck Simerick, who will assess your skill level and availability.  If you would like to become a chanter, contact Mark Nixon or Oxana Sidor.

Stewardship -

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. Email for more information.